B-1 Temporary Business Visas | U.S. Immigration Law Firm, Manila, Philippines

As the Philippine economy grows, specifically in areas of outsourcing, and more Philippine businesses have interaction with clients or counterparts in the United States, Philippine businesses, businessmen and businesswomen need a visa type that allows them to temporarily conduct business in the United States.

A Temporary Business or B-1 Visa is a limited-purpose non-immigrant visa for short-term business activity in the United States. The B-1 visa entitles the foreign national holder to participate in the following activities:

  • Attend trainings
  • Attend and participate in meetings and conferences
  • Consult with business associates
  • Negotiate contracts
  • Buy goods or materials
  • Settle an estate
  • Conduct research
  • Hire applicants on behalf of the company

The B-1 temporary business visa is available to foreign nationals of any country, including the Philippines.

Limitations of a B-1 visa

Though B-1 visa holders are allowed to conduct several business-related activities, they are prohibited from engaging in any paid employment and are not permitted to receive any kind of compensation or salary from a U.S. source in exchange for the rendered services. They are not also allowed to enter any study program while on a visitor visa.