Blanket L Visa | Intra-company Visa Laywer in Manila

The Blanket L program of the United States is designed to allow multinational companies to transfer managers, executives, and specialized knowledge professionals to the United States quickly. This program allows larger companies to obtain pre-approval of the qualifying relationship between the foreign and U.S. entities and bypasses the often lengthy processing periods for standard L-1 petitions. Blanket L is initially valid for three years, and is indefinitely extendable thereafter with proper compliance.

Requirements for a Blanket L Petition

To file a blanket L petition seeking continuous approval of the foreign and U.S. entities, a U.S. company must meet the following criteria.

  • The petitioner and the qualifying foreign entity must be engaged in commercial trade or services;
  • The petitioner must have a U.S. office that has been engaged in business for more than one year;
  • The petitioner must have at least three domestic and foreign branches; and
  • The petitioner must fit at least one of the following categories:
    • The petitioner must have obtained approval of petitions for at least ten “L” category professionals during the past 12 months;
    • The combined annual sales of the U.S. subsidiaries or affiliates must be at least $25 million; or
    • The U.S. workforce must be at least 1,000 employees in number.

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