L-1 Intra-company Transferee Visas | U.S. Business Immigration Law Firm, Manila, Philippines

An Intra-company Transferee or L-1 Visa is issued to an employee who is assigned to transfer temporarily to a U.S. parent company, affiliate, subsidiary, or branch of his or her current employer in the Philippines. The visa is a dual intent visa that allows a foreign employee to continue his or her employment in the U.S. with an office related to the foreign employer.

L-1 visas are not limited to large multinational companies who are transferring staff. They also open new opportunities for small or medium-sized companies that are expanding their business and services to the U.S. Holders of this visa are not restricted to working full-time in a company based in America. Because these are multiple entry visas, holders can be employed in other countries and periodically visit the U.S. with the intra-company transferee visa for work assignments. L-1 Visas are initially valid for one to three years.