P Visa for Artists and Entertainers | U.S. Business Immigration Law Firm, Manila, Philippines

P visas are available to artists, entertainers, and athletes who intend to perform or play in the United States. The P visa is a type of temporary employment visa for performances in America, and there are also provisions that allow spouses and children to accompany the principal P visa holder. Generally, P Visa holders are admitted according to the duration of a particular event or performance. P Visas are typically intended for internationally recognized artists, entertainers, and athletes.

The P Visa consists of four classifications:

P-1 – Athletes or members of an entertainment group

Foreign individual athletes, sports teams, or members of an entertainment group can file for a P-1 visa if they have reached a high level of achievement in their field such as having renowned, leading, and well-known recognition of the skill in more than one country.

A P-1 visa is also granted to members of an entertainment group rather than an individual performer.

P-2 – Artists or entertainers in exchange programs

Foreign individual or group artists and entertainers are eligible to apply for a P-2 visa if the intention is to perform under a reciprocal exchange program made between the Philippines and the United States. Taking part in an exchange service program requires both parties of each country to have similar skills, periods of time, and numbers of individuals to participate in a performance inside and outside the U.S.

P-3 – Artists or entertainers in culturally unique program

P-3 visas are issued to group or individual artists and entertainers who have artistic expression, methodology, and medium that is unique to a nation, religion, tribe, or other group of persons. They normally come to the U.S. to develop, interpret, represent, or teach unusual or traditional artistic, cultural, ethnic, and theatrical presentations, which can be commercial or noncommercial in nature.

P-4 – Accompanying spouse and children

The spouse and unmarried minor children of a P-1, P-2, or P-3 visa holder will be issued a P-4 visa should they accompany, follow, or just visit the primary visa holder in the United States. Holders of the P-4 visa are entitled to work or study full-time or part-time after obtaining legal permits and authorizations.