IR-2 Unmarried Child of a US Citizen


Unmarried Child of American Citizen | IR-2 Visa at the U.S. Embassy in Manila, Philippines

A child born to someone who is now a U.S. citizen qualifies as an immediate relative for immigration purposes if he or she is unmarried and under 21 years of age. A child can be eligible for immigration benefits whether or not he or she was born within wedlock. The child can also qualify for benefits whether the U.S. citizen parent is the child’s mother or father. Additionally, it is possible for an adopted child, stepchild, or orphan to be considered an immediate relative.

In immigrant visa petitions for children, a well-prepared comprehensive application package is always critical to the success of the petition. Accordingly, difficulties can arise when there are complicated family relationships or histories. For example, in a situation where the U.S. citizen parent has had a limited role in the child’s life, it is particularly important to develop a well-documented application package. Also, when the child is not biologically related to the U.S. citizen, the application package deserves extra attention. A U.S. immigration attorney can be helpful in any immigrant visa case where the family wants guidance throughout the process and is particularly useful when there are complicated issues of proof.