Overseas USCIS Jurisdiction


Overseas USCIS Jurisdiction for a U.S. Citizen Petitioning a Spousal Visa

American expats who live in the Philippines have the significant advantage of bringing their new spouses to the United States relatively quickly through the Overseas USCIS Jurisdiction doctrine. This direct filing at the USCIS Field Office in the U.S. Embassy, Manila is more expedient than filing in the United States and also saves the couple a bit of money.

Not everyone can qualify for Overseas USCIS Jurisdiction, but this firm is happy to review the facts and evidence of the petitioner’s foreign residency to help those who might qualify.

Some of the documents to consider in petitioning through overseas USCIS jurisdiction are the following:

  • Identification cards
  • Documents of home or condo ownership
  • Documents showing rental or lease
  • Utility bills with the petitioner’s address
  • Bank statements with the petitioner’s address
  • Driver’s license issued by LTO Philippines
  • Philippine visa issued by the Bureau of Immigration
  • Evidence that the petitioner has filed taxes in the Philippines – Income Tax Returns (ITR)

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