Requirements of the U.S. K-1 Fiancé Visa Holder | Marrying in America

Just as other non-immigrant U.S. visas have caveats, several restrictions apply to the K-1 fiancé visa once it is received by the foreign applicant.

  1. The foreign national fiancé must travel to the United States within six months upon receipt of the visa.
  2. The foreign national fiancé must either marry his or her U.S. citizen fiancé within 90 days of arrival or he or she must depart the country.
  3. The 90-day limit is non-extendable under any circumstances.
  4. The foreign fiancé may not enter the country engaged to one U.S. citizen petitioner and then marry another. A different visa application must be approved before the foreign national can be allowed to re-enter the country.