Medical Exam Manila


What to Expect at the Fiancé Visa Medical Exam in Manila, Philippines

All immigrant visa applicants, including the same-sex and opposite-sex fiancé visa applicants are required to undergo a complete medical examination one to two weeks before the visa interview. All medical exams for U.S. immigration purposes in the Philippines are performed at St. Luke’s Medical Center Extension Clinic in Ermita, Manila. The clinic strongly encourages online registration before the visit because it enables a faster and more efficient procedure.

Medical exams at SLMCEC are a two-day ordeal. Foreign national partners are not allowed within the exam area, so applicants will have to entertain themselves during the waiting period. Blood and urine tests do not require a fasting state therefore it is advisable to take meals before the examination, as food is not allowed within the premises of St. Luke’s.

Typically, the medical result and visa photographs are submitted directly to the U.S. Embassy in Manila after the second day of examination, while the passport, a CD of chest X-ray, and vaccination documentations are personally handed to the applicant.