Interview at the US Embassy Manila


What to Expect during the Fiancé Visa Interview at the U.S. Embassy Manila

One of the final steps in the U.S. fiancé visa application process is an in-person interview for the Philippine fiancé at the U.S. Embassy in Manila. The couple will need several weeks to prepare for the interview by attending a medical examination at St. Luke’s Hospital and gathering the required documentation. Clients of this law firm will work together with the American immigration attorney to check all of the documents and ensure everything is accounted for and consistent. Clients will also have the opportunity to sit down with the lawyer and practice for the interview.

Because most interviews are scheduled for early in the morning, the Philippine fiancé will try to arrive at the Embassy quite early on the day of the interview. Applicants are given numbers in the order that they arrive, and those who arrive late will likely experience a considerable wait time. When the Philippine fiancé finally meets with the U.S. Consular Officer, the Consular Office might ask a variety of questions about the couple’s relationship. Likely topics can include the couple’s relationship history, decision to marry, and wedding plans.

If there are inconsistencies or red flags, the couple can expect additional questions. Red flags include significant age gaps, language barriers, contradicting social practices, and unusual or odd dating histories. In such situations in particular, the American and the Philippine fiancé can benefit from the counsel of a U.S. immigration attorney. An immigration attorney familiar with the U.S. Embassy in Manila, can help the same-sex or opposite-sex couples intending to wed to increase their chances of being prepared for their fiancé visa interview at the U.S. Embassy in Manila.