Fiancé Visas through an LGBT-Friendly Law Firm| U.S. Embassy in Manila, Philippines

The U.S. Embassy in Manila, Philippines recorded 6,000 U.S. fiancé visa applications in 2012 alone. The Manila Consulate continues to be the busiest consulate in the world in processing the greatest number of such petitions and surpasses the second busiest post, Guangzhou China, by more than three times.

The Manila-based U.S. Embassy made history when it issued its first fiancé visa to a Filipino gay individual early in December 2013. Another was issued shortly thereafter to a Filipina lesbian. Both weddings with the American partners were scheduled in early 2014.

This is an LGBT-friendly law firm. The U.S. immigration legal team at this firm has experience preparing immigrant petitions for same-sex couples and specific experience with the U.S. Embassy in Manila. We would be delighted to help you and your same-sex partner claim your immigration rights.