Overseas Jurisdiction


LGBT Spousal Visa Consultant in the Philippines | Overseas USCIS Jurisdiction in Manila

A U.S. citizen residing in the Philippines can petition for his or her foreign spouse directly at the U.S. Embassy in Manila through a doctrine known as Overseas USCIS Jurisdiction. The process is significantly faster compared to filing in the United States, thus creating an advantage for expat Americans who wish to bring their new spouse home to America quickly.

However, there are still considerations regarding whether or not a petitioner qualifies to directly file at the USCIS field office outside the U.S. The USCIS field office in Manila, Philippines, for instance, typically requires a variety of evidence such as the following:

  • Home or condo ownership documents
  • Documents showing rental or lease
  • Utility bills with the petitioner’s address
  • Bank statements with the petitioner’s address
  • Evidence that the petitioner has filed taxes in the Philippines – Income Tax Returns (ITR)
  • Identification cards
  • Driver’s license issued by LTO Philippines
  • Philippine visa issued by the Bureau of Immigration

It is helpful for an expat to have the case evaluated by an American immigration attorney since Overseas USCIS Jurisdiction is a significant advantage for those who qualify. American citizens living abroad can certainly benefit from the advice of a qualified U.S. immigration attorney in the Philippines who is familiar with same-sex U.S. visa petitions and issues in the country.