Visa Processing for 9g Visa Holder Promoted to Higher Positions in the Same Company

The Bureau of Immigration, through the Board Resolution No. EED-15-01, provides an easier, convenient,  and inexpensive process for 9g visa holders promoted to a higher position in the same company from the previous requirement of downgrading to a 9a visitor visa and applying for another 9g visa. The Board Resolution No. EED-15-01 approved on the 29th of January 2015, states that a 9g visa holder promoted to a higher position in the same company is exempted from downgrading his/her 9g visa provided that he/she shall:

  • Apply for a new Alien Employment Permit (AEP) corresponding to the new position
  • Apply for extension of their 9g visas coterminous with their new AEPs
  • Furnish the Bureau of Immigration with a certified copy of their new AEPs

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