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ROHQ or Multiple Entry Special Visa under RA 8756

Work Visas: Special Non-Immigrant Visa under E.O. 226, as amended by R.A. 8756 (ROHQ)

The Special Non-Immigrant Multiple Entry Visa is issued pursuant to Book III Article 60 of Executive Order No. 226, as amended by Republic Act No. 8756, to foreign personnel, their respective spouses, and unmarried children under twenty-one (21) years of age, of regional or area headquarters of multinational companies.  The visa shall be valid for a period of three (3) years to enter the Philippines or equivalent with the applicant’s employment contract with the headquarters.

To qualify for the visa, the foreigner-applicant must be an EXECUTIVE of the applicant-company, will work EXCLUSIVELY for applicant’s regional or area headquarters or regional operating headquarters, will receive a salary, and will be paid by the headquarters in the Philippines an amount equivalent to at least twelve thousand United States Dollars (US$12,000), or the equivalent in other foreign currencies, per annum. This will have to be certified under oath by a responsible officer of the applicant-company.

The processing time usually takes about 3 – 4 weeks from the date of application in the Bureau of Immigration.

On top of the multiple entry privilege, the visa holder shall also have the benefit of getting the following incentives:

  1.  Exemption from payment of all fees due under immigration and alien registration laws;
  2.  Exemption from securing alien certificates of registration (or ACR I-Card);
  3.  Exemption from obtaining emigration clearance certificates (or ECC)
  4. Exemption from all types of clearance required by any government department or agency, except upon final departure from the Philippines (including AEP from DOLE).
  5.  Withholding tax of 15% on compensation income.
  6.  Tax and duty free importation of personal and household effects
  7.  Travel tax exemption