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Special Work Permit (SWP)

Work Visas: Special Work Permit (SWP)

The Special Work Permit (SWP) is a work permit intended for short term assignments/employment of up to 6 months. A locally registered company must be willing to serve as the Petitioner. The SWP is good for 3 months during the initial application and extendible for another 3 months. During the course of the SWP validity, the status of the foreign national remains as tourist. Thus, tourist visa extension must be undertaken if necessary.

The approval of the SWP normally takes between 2 – 3 weeks. Upon issuance, the Bureau of Immigration will grant an Official SWP order of approval which will serve as the permit to work.

We can facilitate the SWP application, inclusive of the services below:

Special Work Permit Package

  1.  Tax Identification Number (TIN) application with the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR)
  2. Special Work Permit (SWP) order of approval