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Kittelson & Carpo Visa Services Team has helped hundreds of foreign and local companies/individuals to streamline and optimize their visa and immigration processing. We believe in building established relationships with our valued clients. Read the testimonials we received below:

The implementation of Dr. Motley’s 9(g) visa completes a monumental task that we handed to you last August (2016). You performed brilliantly and maintained a certain level of calmness that helped to reassure all of the staff. On behalf of all of the staff, I would like to say thank you and the other staff very, very much. You have undoubtedly earned our business and we look forward to working with you as needed in the future.

Dr. Willie Britt
United Nations Ave. Chiropractic Center Inc.

Thank you Visa Services Team you are a life saver.

Hasnain Punja
SQM Properties

I’m appreciating your professional service & effort. Will recommend to use your services to others too.

Gayan Wejesiriwardana (9g Visa)
Control Union

I would like to compliment Rod on the fantastic job he does! He is a great communicator, is always on time, and is always professional (as are each of you and the entire “VISA” group)! This builds a lot of trust – which Ian critical – especially when dealing with very sensitive/irreplaceable documents! That young man needs a raise! You have a great team! Thanks for all your help –

Patrick Paulsen (9g Visa, PWP, and SWP)
Eli Global

Hi Randy! Just want to confirm, we met your guy an he was very helpful. We have executed the tasks and we received our passports back

Hello Randy. I’ve seen him. I apologise for being late. I was held up, I’d like to thank you and your staff for their great service and help.

Jonas Af Klinteberg (9g Visa)
Play N Go

Late reply, but thanks a lot! I got my 9G visa. Happy with the service

Rajan Devnath (9g Visa)

I have just finished from the immigration. Ulysses was excellent! It took me a total of 10 min all in all to make everything, thanks to Ulysses. I have my passport now.

Jean Alchemaly (9g Visa)

Thanks Randy for keeping me updated. I like the services you are providing us.

Kenneth Go (9g Visa)

Thanks for your service, good job

Jorge Martin (9g visa)
Ingeteam Service

It is my pleasure to commend you and your colleagues for your most efficient and professional service on immigration matters. I cannot ask for better team than yours. I am impressed by your quick response or turnaround on all matters I raise. In the past when I was depending on a paralegal, there was always something missing or erroneous in our submissions. With your group, as soon as I comply with your requirements all I have to do is wait for the favourable result. Finally, my principals and I truly appreciate the accommodations you have granted with respect to the cost of your services. I hope you can keep up the good work.

Atty. Cesar Sayson (9g Visa)
Thermax Instruments

I got a perfect timing and assistance from your liaison officer ..he was really good and fast , it took me only 30 mins all in all..The passport is wid me now, once they approve it i will LBC it to you for stamping and i card processing
Thank you sir randy

Well i have to say it was a great experience since my first call to your office ( which i got the first advices) up to the time i had my appointment in your office, and after submitting my docs to you , i got a perfect communication and updates from you, and upon my hearing your liaison officer had a perfect timing and coordination which i was not expecting,all in all great service , any way im still waiting for the result of my application which i hope will be as good as ur service. Thank you

Seyed Sadegh Mostafavi (9g Visa)
Batanes Airlines

Nicole Briz is an asset to Visa team and your company. She knows what she says and she reverts back to all inquiries. I admire her in passion to excellence. Good job Nicole!

Angela Fleta (9g Visas and SWPs)

I only have good words to your professionalism and expertise. I’m just too happy for making a right decision of engaging your services for our Foreign National employees.

A million thanks for the unfailing efficiency of service. Truly appreciated.

Rose Remetilla (9g Visa with DOJ Authority to Employ)
Terry Selection

Thanks again for your flawless turn-key service!

Barnaby Zelman (9a Visa Extensions)

At last I got my SRRV. , and really thank you for your effort. I’ll be back in a few months , to establish a co and many other things. I have a friend who will live in Manila…Mrs Angela Margeritelli , I gave her your contact no. She wants both the SRRV and co at the same time.

Iyad Adib (SRRV)

Well done team, this is a great result to get this turned around in this timeframe. Thanks for the efforts.

Michael McRitchie (Australian Business Visitor Visas)

Literally speechless at how amazing these guys are. Extremely professional: responsive, timely, clearly outlining the necessary steps, and taking the initiative when necessary. Navigating bureaucracy in the Philippines is extremely complex and, frankly, trying; you really need to have local support in order to manage all these things. At the same time, finding competent local support is itself a challenge. With this in mind, I was hesitant about K&C’s services for a (relatively small) technical solution to a registration problem I was experiencing. But the amazing level of service, attentiveness to detail, and the ability to forecast possible problems while also suggesting proactive solutions–the K&C team was totally on it. Highly recommended for Filipinos abroad looking to set something (anything!) up in the Philippines and foreign corporations and individuals looking to invest in the next Asian tiger.

Edward Base (Tourist Visa Extension)

I would like to thank you very much for the excellent support. I do really appreciate to have received my visa earlier than expected. For sure I will go through the client survey form.

Fabrice Reynaud (13a visa by marriage application)

Got my passport back today after the visa renewal process. All went much smoother than my initial visa application process with another consultant chosen by the EPBN project. You were very professional and informative throughout the process, thank you Randy and Ann. Good job and happy to keep recommending you to our membership and new companies entering the market.

Joni Koro (9g Visa)

The quality of service bar was set pretty high by Aleanna but Nicole has certainly maintained the Kittelson & Carpo level of service I have come to expect. Thanks.

Greg Chad (SRRV)

Do you have a Randy Escoto on your law team working with visas? I want to work with your company and thus far he has been very helpful.

Christopher Scott (13a Visa)

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