E-3 Work Visas for Australians


E-3 Work Visas for Australians | U.S. Business Immigration Law Firm, Manila, Philippines

The E-3 is a visa to the United States which can only be obtained by Australian citizens who are coming to the United States to work in a specialty occupation. It is a result of the Australia-United States Free Trade Agreement or AUSFTA Act under the U.S. Congress, which aims to grow trade deal negotiations between the U.S. and Australia.

Spouses of these visa holders may also work in the United States without restrictions even if they are of a different nationality. The visa is indefinitely renewable, in two-year increments, and the application process is relatively quick.

Application Process

An Aussie can file for an E-3 visa at any U.S. Embassy that processes nonimmigrant visas, including in his or her home country. Like all nonimmigrant applicants, E-3 applicants must complete the standard application form known as the DS-160. The Australian citizen must make an appointment for an interview with the proper consulate and bring the necessary requirements, rather than submitting them ahead. Once approved, the visa stamped with E-3 and the passport will be returned by mail.

Employment Eligibility: Prior to or after obtaining the E-3 Visa?

An individual with Australian citizenship must initially receive a job offer from a sponsoring U.S. employer before he or she is eligible to apply for an E-3 visa. It is possible to travel to the United States to search for a job or attend an interview before applying for an E-3 visa, but the actual application must be filed outside the U.S.