Leading Embassy in Fiancé Visa Consular Processing | Manila, Philippines

The U.S. Embassy in Manila, Philippines is regarded as the busiest consulate for fiancé visa petitions, recording more than 6,000 applications in 2012 alone. The consulate in Manila continues to process the greatest number of fiancé visa petitions, surpassing by more than three times the next busiest post, Guangzhou China.

As part of Manila’s U.S. Embassy’s improving service, the post has decided to update its practices in corresponding with fiancé visa applicants and U.S. immigration attorneys. These days, the post relies less on mailed packets for instructions. Rather, communication is split between mailed instructions and emailed followups with applicants. U.S. immigration attorneys assisting clients with fiancé visa applications at the U.S. Embassy in Manila have increased access to the post through the Embassy’s improved correspondence systems.