Proving Eligibility


How to Prove Eligibility in a Fiancé Visa Case in Manila | Evidence of Relationship

A mutual intention to marry between a foreign national and a U.S. citizen must exist in order for the foreign fiancé(e) to be eligible to receive a U.S. fiancé visa. The couple must have personally met within the last two years and must submit complete documentation that includes the following:

  • Government application forms
  • A passport with six-month validity
  • Divorce or death certificates of any previous spouse(s)
  • Police certificates
  • Financial Affidavit of Support
  • Photographs of the couple having fun together

Meeting Online

As technology has advanced, the number of genuine relationships that began online naturally has increased as well. The Department of State understands that Americans and Filipinos/Filipinas meet through all sorts of online technology and develop genuine relationships through phone, text, email, and chat. Even when couples in such situations have only spent a limited amount of time together, with good legal help, it is still possible for such a relationship to be the foundation of a successful U.S. visa petition when requirements are met.

It is especially important in situations such as these, that the couple has accurate legal information about the law and matters of proof. A qualified American immigration lawyer can help develop the evidence of a relationship that can lead to an approvable fiancé visa petition.