Adjustment of Status


Adjustment of Status for Same-sex Couples | Marriage-based Green Card

Once a fiancé visa is approved, what are the Philippine fiancé’s obligations?

Once approved, the Philippine holder of a fiancé visa must travel to the United States during the validity period of the visa. Typically, the validity period extends six months from the date of the medical examination.

To legally work, he or she must apply for a Social Security number after entering America to enable her employer to report wages to the government.

Marriage obligations?

Once the Philippine fiancé is in the United States, the couple can still decide whether or not to proceed with a wedding. However, a fiancé visa cannot be extended or renewed. Therefore the Philippine fiancé must depart the country after 90 days if the couple decides not to marry within that period.

Adjustment of Status

The Philippine spouse can apply for Adjustment of Status from fiancé to spouse after she marries her U.S. fiancé in the United States of America. The requirements for a green card must be fully satisfied before she adjusts from nonimmigrant to immigrant status.

U.S. citizens can obtain help properly navigating a fiancé visa petition from a qualified American immigration attorney in the Philippines.