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10 Must-See Places in the Philippines

10 Must-See Places in the Philippines

The world is well aware of how beautiful the Philippine tourist destinations are. Composed of 7,107 islands, you are given a variety of places to choose from; depending on your interest, whether it is an exciting nature hike, a fun beach trip, or simply learning about the rich culture of a certain place here in the Philippines.

Listed below are the 10 must-see places in the Philippines that will surely awaken the soul of the adventurer in you:

  1. Mount Pulag – The second highest mountain in the Philippines, it is famous for its Sea of Clouds and the astonishing Milky Way. Adventure seekers and nature lovers undeniably falls in love with their experience in Mount Pulag.
  2. Camiguin – Also known as the Island Born of Fire due to the number of volcanoes present in the province but it is also famous for its sand bars which millennials truly enjoy.
  3. Coron, Palawan – It is often referred to as the most beautiful place in the Philippines due to its clear waters and breath-taking landscape. Every moment captured is definitely Instagram-worthy.
  4. Batanes – One of the most beautiful places north of the Philippines, with its beauty hailed from its flawless natural scenery with a mix of historical influence.
  5. El Nido, Palawan – El Nido is another beautiful tourist spot in Palawan, known for its adventurous caves and stunning beaches, where you can truly enjoy a sun-kissed skin.
  6. Cebu – Famously referred to as the “Queen of the South”, Cebu is one of the provinces in the Visayas Region that is rapidly developing with culture visibly influenced by history and home to incredibly beautiful beaches.
  7. Boracay, Aklan – Branded as the favorite destination of both local and foreign travelers. Popular for its fine white sand and magnificent blue waters plus, its vibrant night life, it is truly a paradise for its visitors.
  8. Tagaytay – It is perfect because of its chill & gentle atmosphere. In addition to that, it is the perfect escape from Metro Manila’s noise and pollution, since it’s just a few hours away from the city, and you may now enjoy the majestic view of Taal volcano and lake.
  9. Vigan – Acknowledged for its heavily influenced Spanish façade, being in Vigan makes you feel like you time traveled during the Spanish Era. It is the only city in the Philippines included in the UNESCO World Heritage.
  10. Siquijor – This “Island of Fire” in the Visayas region is not only known for the magic and sorcery that envelopes the place, but it also possess admirable bodies of water such as waterfalls and beaches that is perfect for water activities.

Do you agree with this list? Where among the places mentioned above have you been to?  Share your thoughts or the places that you think is a must-see place in the Philippines.

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Hi, Admin,

Thank you for sharing this! Unfortunately, as a matter of fact, I’ve only been to Tagaytay since it’s the closest place to my hometown, and yes it’s true, perfect is the perfect word for Tagaytay because of its climate and wonderful ambiance any direction you look at which is somewhat similar to Sagada Mt. Province, a must-see place up north the Philippines.

Next year, I may consider visiting El Nido or Coron Palawan. Again, thanks for the info!

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