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BI Allows Foreigners Without Stamped Visa to Depart the Philippines
Stamped Visa Philippines

BI Allows Foreigners Without Stamped Visa to Depart the Philippines

The Bureau of Immigration (BI) declared, in a press release on March 27, that foreign nationals are now temporarily allowed to depart the Philippines even in the absence of an implemented and stamped visa in their passports, given that their visa application was approved.

Requirements to be presented to the Immigration Officer:

  • Valid Passport
  • Print-out of name in the agenda at the time of visa approval
  • Official Receipts proving payment of reentry and exit permit fees
  • Department of Justice Endorsement or Certification from the approving officer*

*whichever is applicable

BI instructed the Port Operations Divisions (POD) to allow foreign nationals to depart the country provided that they meet certain conditions. Those with approved visa applications are no longer required to have their visas stamped on their passports. This eases the predicaments of foreigners on being able to return to their home country despite not completing the visa application process. Foreigners returning to the Philippines after the lifting of the quarantine period are instructed to immediately proceed to the BI main office to apply for revalidation of visa and its implementation on their passports. 

Stamped Visa Philippines

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