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Philippine Immigration Black List Order: What You Need to Know
Philippine Immigration Black List Order

Philippine Immigration Black List Order (BLO): What You Need to Know

“No borders, just horizons – only freedom.” Amelia Earhart

Amelia Earhart’s guiding principle may be one the most diplomatic interpretations of freedom against borders. But in our present situation where chaos and violence are prevalent, immigration policies must be strongly enforced and drawn to bring about a global community strengthened by diplomatic relations and peaceful negotiations.

Naturally distributed across more than 7,000 islands, the Philippines is home to a diverse wildlife, majestic sceneries that can be traversed through land, water, and air and more than millions of warm smiles. The country has been very welcoming to all nations to showcase these beauties but is also known to be very keen in admitting visitors. It enforces a Black List Order (BLO) disallowing entry for foreign nationals who have convicted crimes in their respective countries or had not been convicted of any crime but are fugitives in their home countries.

Black List Order in the Philippines  

Pursuant to the Philippine Immigration Act (Commonwealth Act 613), the country prohibits the admission and entry of foreign nationals who have been identified as:

  • Sex Offenders
  • Violators of Philippine Laws
  • Criminally convicted
  • Undocumented
  • Supporters of subversive acts

Foreigners who are not aware that they are on the Black List but have committed one or some of the offenses mentioned above will be banned from entering the country. If they happen to arrive at a Philippine airport with no knowledge of the prohibition imposed on them by the Bureau of Immigration (BI), they will be ordered to catch the next flight back to their point of origin.

Removing Name from Philippine Immigration Black List

Those who have been found violating Philippine laws while staying in the country, overstayed without proper visa or authorization or became a public burden and threat to the national security will be included in the BLO list after being deported.

Any foreign national who is included on the Black List can apply for the lifting of the ban at the Bureau of Immigration. The only process stipulated is the submission of official letter request with supporting documents to substantiate the defense, which should be addressed to the Office of the Commissioner.

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